Welcome to EcoJudaism

EcoJudaism promotes the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment across the Jewish Community in accordance with the principles of the Jewish faith.

The Climate Crisis is not simply a technological problem to be resolved through better science. It is a moral and spiritual crisis in our relationship with the earth.

Judaism understands us not as masters, but as trustees, of God’s creation. We have a primary responsibility to care for the earth and leave it to our children in a state of wholeness and health.

EcoJudaism’s primary aim is to engage all Synagogues to register for, and participate in The Environmental Audit. This is a real and tangible response to the huge global task before us. We also offer regular workshops, email support and signposting, website resources (continuously being added), guest speakers and events.

This is a unique initiative which  spans the whole Jewish community with rabbinic leadership from four denominations of Judaism, supported by our senior communal leaders (see slides below) but is completed on an individual basis, shul by shul appreciating the uniqueness of each worship space in our UK Jewish community.

Let’s do this together!