Make a Commitment for EcoShabbat! 

This is a list of suggested challenges that you, as an individual, and you as a community can commit to.  Feel free to do just one, or as many as you like. The timescale for completion is up to you.  

Share your individual or community commitment via social media using the hashtags #EcoShabbat23 #EcoShabbatChallenge tagging your community and EcoJudaism. Instagram Twitter Facebook 

We would also be delighted to share your commitment stories on our website so email  

Good Luck! Let’s Do This Together! 

Links included are a guide only, there are loads of other great resources & organisations to be found online! 



Take the EcoJudaism Environment Audit 

Revisit your EcoJudaism Environment Audit 

Facilitate specific sermons from your Rabbinic team on environmental issues throughout the year 

Facilitate specific learning opportunities on environmental issues for your community throughout the year 

Hold an environmental awareness-raising event (e.g., documentary/film evenings, discussion, debates)

Hold an EcoPanel debate or Information event 

Commit to a Carbon Footprint measurement with 360Carbon

Set targets to reduce your Carbon Footprint for the next year including historic buildings

Go Zero-Waste for 1 week/month

Setup additional recycling opportunities such as with TerraCycle 

Check your energy providers have set your community for a “green tariff” 

Organise a give and take event

Audit your light bulbs and switch to LED 

Start a community garden Earth Easy 

Plant trees and protect forest with JTree through donating, registering the trees you plant or joining a planting project

Start a rewilding project using one of JTree’s rewilding resources 

Think about the benefits of a hedge to your community and protect local hedgerows

Start composting! 

Setup water collection facilities 

Challenge your community to go non-disposal for 1 month 

Create a dedicated space for wildflowers including at home

Take part in a conservation project 

Support an environmental campaign, nationally or internationally 

Join the Queen’s Green Canopy tree planting project 

Make an insect hotel, individually or with the younger members of your community

Install a wormery, individually or with the younger members of your community 

Go Meat-free for 1 week/month

Campaign for more tree cover in your area

Protect a Green Space with Fields in Trust

Create a B-Line with Buglife

Buy only local ingredients for two weeks

Switch to seasonal vegetables

Sign up to be a Backyard Nature Guardian and pledge to protect nature where you live

Take the Billion Seed Challenge

Raise Butterflies and Build Them a Home