Thursday 25th January 2024 – An EcoJudaism Celebration of Tu B’Shevat: From Trees We Love to Forests and Ecosystems, From the Local to the Geopolitical

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This Zoom event will include interviews with Lord Zac Goldsmith (life peer, journalist, formerly Minister of State for Overseas Territories, Commonwealth, Energy, Climate and Environment, currently engaged in international negotiations to preserve ecosystems) and Craig Harrison (Forest Management Director for Forestry England and Deputy Surveyor of the New Forest, manager with his team of 47,000 hectares of forests and protected habitats from Sussex to Dorset for benefits to society, the environment and the economy).

There will also be input from our EcoJudaism Leadership Team and glimpses of some favourite trees from around the country.

Please have a fruit from a tree, a fruit from the ground, and a glass of wine at the ready to say the blessings together.

Sunday 15th October 2023 to Monday 25th March 2024 – The EcoJudaism Environmental Leadership, Education & Training Programme

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The aim of this course is help equip potential Jewish leaders with Jewish and general knowledge and access to good contacts on key issues of environment, sustainability and biodiversity, enabling them to take leadership roles in their peer groups, work and social communities and in the public square.

Friday 1st December/Saturday 2nd December 2023 – EcoShabbat
Central themes for this year were “Ethical Investing” and “Reducing Food Waste.
See all our EcoShabbat resources HERE as well as our graphics pack for your community communications HERE.
Thursday 30th November 2023 – Climate change – the next catalyst for global displacement?

This was an online panel event on the first day of the COP28 climate summit, discussing the impact of climate displacement, what needs to be done to protect future climate refugees and action the Jewish community can take.

Thursday 28th September and Thursday 26th October 2023 – UK Jewish Communities: Cutting our Carbon Footprint

We learnt from our award winning EcoSynagogue’s on how to cut our carbon footprints!

Friday 29th September to Friday 6th October 2023 – Sukkot

We encouraged people to opt for sustainable Lulav holders for Sukkot.

Visit to see their full range.

Sunday 3rd September 2023 – Reviving Our Rivers, Refreshing Our Resolve
Rosh Hashanah is a time of renewal and a time of return and we are encouraging our communities to clean up their local rivers in the lead up to Rosh Hashanah.
This year, we did a river clean of the Silk Stream.
Wednesday 2nd August 2023 – EcoTeams Meet
We were delighted to announce our latest Awards in our EcoTeams meet up were joined by different communities to wish all those involved Mazel Tov!
Wednesday 14th June 2023 – Clean Air Policies Webinar
For Clean Air Day and The Great Big Green Week, we learnt about the impact of pollution on the air around us. It was also an opportunity to discover more about the upcoming ULEZ expansion in London and ask questions.
Wednesday 31st May 2023 – Love Your Leftovers
Our Reducing Food Waste theme for EcoShabbat led us to partnering with, an Israeli charity who “rescue nutritious surplus food for those in need” and the UK’s leading Jewish chef, Denise Philips, for a “Love Your Leftovers” online cooking workshop.
Sunday 23rd April 2023 – Earth Day
This event was hosted by EcoJudaism’s Trustee, Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, in discussion with Jay Shofet from the  Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, and Shiri Atsmon from Eco Show & Tell and Finchley N3, N12 Sustainability Forum, and featuring our JTree project. We heard about local and international initiatives to repair the earth on Earth Day.
Sunday 5th February 2023 – Tu B’Shevat Event

We encouraged communities to hold their own Tu B’Shevat Seder’s where, afterwards, we held an interactive programme and a pre-recorded conversation with special guest George Monbiot. A tree was also planted by JTree for every community registration in recognition of their participation in the event.

Wednesday 21st December 2022 – Chanukah Event

We were joined by Jamie Peters and Friends of the Earth at Chanukah for a panel discussion and a Q&A on Climate Justice and other issues arising from COP27.

Friday 11th November/Saturday 12th November 2022 – EcoShabbat

See our EcoShabbat Round Up HERE.

Sunday 12th June 2022 – EcoSynagogue Awards

Sunday 12th June 2022 – EcoJudaism Event

The Climate Emergency & Energy Crisis: How to Stay Positive and Take Action


  • Tamara Finkelstein , Permanent Secretary at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Malini Mehra, Chair of the European Institute of Environment Policy UK
  • Jamie Peters, Friends of the Earth’s Campaigns Special Projects Lead

Sunday 16th January – Tu B’Shevat Event (8pm)
Building on from COP26, featuring research from The Institute for Jewish Policy Research, we discussed and examined how our community can drive forward action on climate change in our Shuls, schools, charities and organisations. Also with World Jewish Relief.
Sunday 26th December at Limmud (3pm)
We are very happy to be part of the Limmud Programme. Our discussion is with Karenna Gore (Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Earth Ethics, Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg and Krish Raval (Founder & Director of Faith In Leadership).